Here are links to people and things I think are swell.

Nutrition Stripped is a website and blog run by Dietician and Nutritionist Mckel Hill. The Myths Stripped section is a great place to get started.

Before you hate on Gwyneth Paltrow, read My Father’s Daughter.

Wellness Mama shares tips and tricks for a lower impact lifestyle.

James Altucher is an entrepreneur who writes candidly about making and losing money, minimalism, and how being selfish has brought him the most joy.

Ethically traded handbags and accessories outta Austin, TX.

Lindsay Mueller is the Author and Host of Well/Aware, a podcast and blog that dive into living well, sustainably.

Wait But Why — Either you get it and love it or you don’t and could care less.

Affordable skincare for sensitive bebes. Looking for fewer ingredients? There is another option here.

Sally Schneider is a brilliant cookbook author and teacher. The Improvisational Cook is an excellent resource for people looking to train their palate.

This is how I spend a great deal of my time when I should be writing.

Dr. Weil’s website is an information goldmine.

Slightly more complex recipes using whole foods from What’s Cooking Good Looking.

This book could change the way you think about happiness.

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