I’m Julia.

A balanced lifestyle based on informed rational decision making is the only thing that works at keeping me healthy. If I stop listening to my Jiminy Cricket I start doing really dumb shit. I started this blog to help people identify their own resourcefulness 🙂

I believe the challenges we face make us more resilient beings.

I’m self taught. Books, the internet, and asking lots of questions is how I learned most of what I know.

I would rather be physically blind than stuck in an ignorant state of consumption.

I love to move my body. I dance, tumble, and practice yoga.

Experience has taught me that happiness is a choice.

Rye toast with lots of butter, over easy eggs, and bacon is one of my favorite meals.

I dream of starting a not-for-profit that encourages alternative learning environments and practical life skills.

I want to help people live as their truest selves.

I think I’d make an excellent back up dancer.

Food journaling is a great way to get in touch with your body. I practice it once every few months just to check-in with myself.

In early 2014 I got a lobster tattooed on my upper left arm.

In late 2014 I learned I’m deathly allergic to crustaceans and was prescribed an epi pen.

I believe if more people exercised intuition on a daily basis they’d live happier lives.

Mind > Matter.

I welcome feedback: julia.guerillawelfare@gmail.com

Happy wellbeing ❤